About Us

Nice to meet you

Hey, Chris here. I’m currently a Ph.D. student striving to become a better writer. Through this blog, I aim to maintain a broad and flexible space for my writing.

My passion lies in computer science, economics, personal well-being, and personal growth. The purpose of my blog is to provide me with an outlet to organize and share my thoughts, ensuring they don’t remain isolated.

I draw inspiration from the vision of becoming a future educator—a dedicated professor and researcher. Lifelong learning and constant personal growth serve as my driving forces.

Upcoming projects

I will post my upcoming projects as new developments arise. Currently, my focus lies in exploring various computer science roles. A core area of interest that I intend to pursue is leveraging AI and machine learning as guiding tools for learning and creative processes.

Along this journey, I plan to develop my skills in general software development and programming. Strengthening these abilities will be essential for my future endeavors.

Furthermore, I look forward to sharing my personal growth and experiences on this blog. As time progresses, I envision this platform becoming a space not only for personal development but also for exploring diverse topics, including both fiction and non-fiction.

In an exciting development, a friend of mine has expressed interest in sharing some of my posts on his blog, which is currently being set up from scratch. I will provide updates as this collaboration progresses.